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The Center for Health and Hope is Celebrating!!

The Center and its Executive Director/Founder Dr. Donald E. Messer were honored with a "Community Impact" Award August 17 by the premier HIV organization serving the African-American community in the Denver Area: It Takes A Village.














Describing their organization as a "Black-run and woman-run organization," Ms. Imani Latif heralded Messer as "her hero" since "he could be retired and doing whatever he wanted, but instead works with the most needy in rural India and countries in Africa. His advocacy and leadership, eliminating stigma and discrimination against LGBTQ+ persons around the world, has saved the lives of many."

She noted how Messer and the Center have supported recently incarcerated persons living with HIV to get immediate shelter and counsel after being released from prison in Colorado.

"I do what I do," says Messer, "because I despise discrimination. But I am deeply touched to be honored by this special grassroots organization in the forefront of the struggle against stigma." It Takes A Village



Don and Bonnie Messer with Friends at the Gathering

Dr Messer and Ms. Imani Latif

Gathering to HEAL Save the Date.png

Once again, Hope UMC, located at 5101 S Dayton St. in Greenwood Village, CO 80111 is hosting our fundraising breakfast!  Join us for a wonderful morning of music, food, and inspiration from our keynote speaker.












During this event, we will also honor our 2022 Shero of the Year,

Ms. Rachelle Schaap. (pictured above).


Playing 16 Holes at the 16th Annual Swinging@AIDS Golf Benefit

Surprise!  This year's successful 16th Annual Swinging@AIDS Golf benefit  covered 16 rather than 18 holes!  Heavy rain damaged two holes Sunday night, so only 16 were functioning.  This did not deter the 80 marvelous golfers who came out in force early Tuesday morning to capture winning prizes, buy mulligans, purchase silent auction items, play 50/50, and, in general, have a good time while doing good!   Money is still being received and expenses paid, but net results will be somewhere between $45,000 and $50,000.  Thanks to everyone who made this a grand success!  


What an Incredible list of Major Sponsors we have for our 2022 Swinging@AIDS Denver Golf Tournament! 

Thank you for your generosity.  

sponsors-heading (2).jpg

      Armstrong Family Foundation                           $7,000

      Bacon Family Foundation                                            $5,000

      Anonymous                                                                                        $4,000

          Bonnie and Don Messer                                $3,000

      Claudia Svarstad and Beckie Harkey           $3,000

      Ben and Jean Galloway                                     $2,000

          William "Brad" Bradford and Chin Tan   $1,000

          Rick Nagel, Acorn Growth                             $1,000                             




Imagine Tutoring Project


The Imagine Tutoring Project provides 3 months of tutoring in English, Math and Science for girls in rural SE India in the 10th and 12th grades to help them prepare for their end of year exams. How they do on these exams determines the path for the rest of their lives!


Since its inception in 2007, over 1200 girls have been tutored and over 94% successfully passed their high school exams.

P1170165 (1).JPG
House Dedication 2022 Kenya .jpg

Parents are dying from AIDS in Africa; impoverished HIV orphans and their grandparents need houses in Kenya.  $3,000 builds a home, provides them health insurance & school fees for a year.  The Center for Health and Hope envisions building at least ten homes this year--so far donors have stepped up to build eight!  This video shows clips from a recent dedication of one of these homes.

Let’s Help Twice As Many Young Women in 2022!

Last year we provided sanitary supplies for 120 girls for an entire year

In 2022 let’s assist 240 young women!

We have raised $5,100 so far—can you help us reach at least $6,000?


25 Period.png

For a one-time donation of $25.00 young women receive sanitary supplies for an entire year, along with 2 pairs of underwear. Exploited and endangered, consequences include increased pregnancy and HIV infection as girls seek money whatever way they can to meet the basic need for sanitary supplies.


Social worker Glorie Gitonga says, "With great joy we extend our sincere appreciation to all who supported the poor school-going girls in our HIV & AIDS program. Below are images taken recently during the sanitary supplies distribution."

girls sanitary supplies 2021.JPG
Girls Sanitary Supplies 2021.JPG

 Food Relief - Thanks to Generous Donors Like YOU! 


One of our program partners in Kenya, Social Worker Jennifer Murithi writes,


"I am so grateful on behalf of the caregivers for the relief food you gave them!  Yesterday, we distributed food to sixty families, targeting the remote areas- each benefitting as follows:


4 Kg of beans, 5 kg of rice, 4 packets of maize flower, 1 liter of cooking oil.  This package will carry each family for two to three weeks (depending on the size of the family)."

Thank you for making this food relief delivery and distribution possible. To support this ongoing need, click the action button. 

Read About Our Commitment to
LGBTQ Persons Here

 Need a Gift?

You can now order Center gifts for yourself and for loved ones.  Skip the lines, the hassles, the wait at the Post Office, Fed Ex, or UPS!


You will receive a card to print out and give with each purchase.  Your Gift represents support for persons in urgent need around the world.  Thank you!