This gift provides vital medical treatment that prevents mothers with HIV/AIDS from passing along the virus to their children in the womb. Your gift allows healthy babies to be born. This digital gift represents real, physical medicine to women in India.

Stop Transmission of AIDS from Mother to Baby

  • After purchase, a dual copy, two sided card that you can give as a gift will be available in PDF format to allow for easy cutting & printing.

  • The C.A.R.E. Foundation, headed by Professor N. M. Samuel, M.D., is a partner organization focused on providing care and treatment for persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. The primary program is running a free HIV and AIDS clinic for women and children. They come primarily from the lowest caste -- "dalit" or "untouchables" -- and face doubled stigma because of their caste and because of AIDS.  The Clinic has operated 7 years thanks to generous donations and reaches about 1,400 patients each year. The Center for Health and Hope provides more than 75% of the operating support.