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Give From Wherever You Live - 

$1.6 Million

That’s the size of our Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund! Every donation scheduled for or made on #COGivesDay on Dec. 7 gets a piece of it!  This program supports non-profits based in Colorado and doing good anywhere in the world!  Every donation gets a match, up to $1.6 Million.  What an incredible reason to GIVE.


Our programs directly support persons in need of COVID medication and food relief; provide education, housing, medication and basic needs for AIDS Orphans in Africa and India, as well as partnering with programs that seek to challenge attitudes and actions that contribute to stigmatization and discrimination of persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. The Center believes that we can end the destruction caused by HIV and AIDS.  Join our mission!! 

Schedule your donation today through December 6th, or donate December 7th

Last year, generous donors to the Center raised $3,000

for vulnerable young women-

We need to do it again!

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Join us Sunday, December 5, at 6 pm (MST) 

for a virtual World AIDS Day observance. Speakers include a person living with HIV, parents who lost two sons to the pandemic, an AIDS orphan who now helps 361 other AIDS orphans, and an AIDS activist who became a Bishop.  Sponsored by five organizations, the event is chaired by Center Board member, Rev. Dr. Valerie Jackson.

 Need a Holiday or Other Gift?

You can now order Center gifts for yourself and for loved ones.  You will receive a card to print out and giEach purchase represents support for persons in urgent need.  

$28,300 Raised at Annual Breakfast for Kenya AIDS Orphans


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"This year's Gathering to HEAL breakfast produced a record-shattering fund-raising total," reports Center Executive Director, Dr. Don Messer. 


"A  total of $28,3OO was given or pledged by exceptionally generous donors."  Of this amount, $13,200 was targeted to enable 361 AIDS orphans in Kenya to get an extra term of school because of missed time due to COVID and lack of virtual learning opportunities. 


Another $15,100 in gifts and pledges ensured five recent graduates could pursue postsecondary degrees in social work, nursing, and hotel hospitality.  They have this opportunity thanks to funds committed by donors that cover: full tuition, books, and room/board.


“When we receive another $1,800,” notes Messer, “we will have covered the extra $50 per student needed to ensure all the 361 AIDS orphans get the schooling they lack. People are marvelous; somebody somewhere will help!”

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Dr. Messer and Keynote Speaker, Ryan Silva

Musician Allison Keller and Assistant

Paul and Paula Murphy Human Sexuality Awardee, Savannah Sanburg with Executive Director Dr. Messer and MC Rev. Dr. Valerie Jackson

Dr. Messer Welcomes Guests 

October Food Relief - Thanks to Generous Donors Like YOU! 


One of our program partners in Kenya, Social Worker Jennifer Murithi writes,


"I am so grateful on behalf of the caregivers for the relief food you gave them!  Yesterday, we distributed food to sixty families, targeting the remote areas- each benefitting as follows:


4 Kg of beans, 5 kg of rice, 4 packets of maize flower, 1 liter of cooking oil.  This package will carry each family for two to three weeks (depending on the size of the family)."

Thank you for making this food relief delivery and distribution possible. To support this ongoing need, click the action button. 

A Little Bit of Money Does a World of Good.  

Imagine paying just $8 per person for health insurance! 

Then imagine being so poor you can't even afford $8!


That is the dilemma of United Methodist pastors in Rwanda.  But thanks to donations to the Center for Health and Hope, 66 households of 394 people got insurance coverage for the year.  










Ironically the Rwanda pastor who advocated for all the other preachers was probably the first to benefit.  Rev. Marc Baliyanga (pictured in this article) reports that when he fell sick of COVID-19 on July 5, 2021, he went for medical treatment at Kacyiru Hospital. 

"I was charged a lot of money," says Rev. Marc, "but due to paying mutual health insurance on time, I paid only 10% of the total amount of money charged by the hospital." 










He and the other ministers have expressed their gratitude to the Center's donors.


What the Center hopes is that people will now provide a $100 for a pig for preachers in Rwanda.  "If they get a pig," says Dr. Don Messer, "they can earn enough money to pay for their own insurance in future years, plus have income to help pay school fees for their children."  

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Help Build a House for Just $3,000


Join us in building a home for a family struggling to survive HIV and AIDS?  For $3,000 you can be the sole sponsor and name the home after a loved one.  Or you can send any amount and help us raise an additional $1,250 - since $1,750 has already been contributed!


Having been orphaned by HIV/AIDS causes surviving children to live with a willing grandmother who typically lacks housing and the resources needed to care for them. 


Helping a grandmother by providing an AIDS orphan house provides a safe place for children to live and allows enrollment in school where they receive clothing, food, and life skills for the future.


In the area served by Maua Methodist Hospital, there are more than 45,000 orphans and vulnerable children, many needing a decent house, education, food and clothing. 


Each house costs only $3,000 U.S. Dollars for building supplies, labor, bedding and mattresses to use in the home once it is completed.  Contribute to this worthy cause and change a life.  Please indicate AIDS Houses in the notes area, so we can use the money immediately.

ANY amount helps!

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Please consider the Center for Health and Hope in your charitable giving.

The Center for Health and Hope is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. Your gifts directly benefit those affected and infected by HIV and AIDS.


The mission of the Center for Health and Hope is to support and advocate for persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS around the world with programs of education, prevention, care and treatment.  As a faith-based organization operating for more than ten years, the Center was incorporated formally January 21, 2006 as a tax exempt 501(c)3.