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Honor a woman in YOUR life (wife, mother, sister, friend) by meeting a basic human need for a young woman across the globe. 

Last year, generous donors to the Center raised over $3,000

for vulnerable young women in Kenya needing sanitary supplies-

We need to raise $2,000 more in 2022 (thus helping 80 more girls)!


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For a one-time donation of $25.00 young women receive sanitary supplies for an entire year, along with 2 pairs of underwear. Exploited and endangered, consequences include increased pregnancy and HIV infection as girls seek money whatever way they can to meet the basic need for sanitary supplies.


Social worker Glorie Gitonga says, "With great joy we extend our sincere appreciation to all who supported the poor school-going girls in our HIV & AIDS program. Below are images taken recently during the sanitary supplies distribution."

girls sanitary supplies 2021.JPG
Girls Sanitary Supplies 2021.JPG
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We Just Completed Building A New House in Kenya


Construction has finished for the first of three homes being built for families living with HIV in Maua, Kenya.  Donors have provided $3,000 to cover total costs per house! Would you like to build a home in your own name or in loving memory of someone else in 2022?


Children whose parents have died from AIDS now struggle for survival, as they most often live with a grandmother who typically lacks adequate housing and resources for food and care.  


Stanley Gitari, who supervises the building projects, reports that in the area served by Maua Methodist Hospital, there are more than 45,000 orphans and vulnerable children. 


The $3,000 given per house covers more than just building supplies. Gitari indicates that, "Helping a grandmother by providing an AIDS orphan house provides a safe place for children to live and allows enrollment in school where they receive clothing, food, and life skills for the future."

Support Former Bishop Catherine Mutua to Direct a Drug Treatment Program in Kenya


Former Bishop Catherine and Treatment Center Staff


Your gift supports the salary of former Bishop Catherine Mutua as she directs and develops a self-sustaining professional Drug Treatment Center in Kenya.  Long overlooked, substance abusers are increasing, prompting more HIV infections, domestic violence, family breakups, etc. First years of this operation have proved to be positive; limited recidivism of patients.

The Drug Treatment Center in Meru, Kenya, needs funds to market its services.  Many people do not know how to seek out care.  Facilities need upgrading, scholarship help is needed for persons who want treatment but lack financial resources.  Your donation can help change a life for good! 


In Memoriam-- With Gratitude, To Senator Bob Dole

Bob Dole.jpg

Today I note the death of Senator Bob Dole, who graciously lent his good name and reputation  as Co-Chair with former Senator Tom Daschle of the Center's International Advisory Committee.  When his friend, Senator George McGovern (who had been chair) died, he agreed to serve.   He also donated generously to be a  Charter Member of Center's Endowment Fund.


I had the privilege of writing the book, Ending Hunger Now; A Challenge to Persons of Faith (2015) with Senator Bob Dole & Senator George McGovern.  Working with McGovern & Dole was a unique opportunity for which I will always be grateful.   The three of us also had an opportunity to speak at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in 2015.  Watch the C-Span recording:  https://www.c-span.org/video/?189152-1/ending-hunger-now-challenge-persons-faith

A World War II hero, Senate Majority Leader, and Republican nominee for President, he served the country with distinction.  I especially admired his courage, his advocacy for persons with disabilities, and his concern for the hungry in the United States and the world.  Politically, he and McGovern disagreed sharply, but personally shared a bi-partisan spirit that unfortunately is rare in America today.  

Dr. Don Messer

Executive Director for the Center for Health and Hope

December 5, 2021

McGovern Dole Messer, DC 2005 (16).JPG
Hunger McGovern Dole Messer book.gif

Senator Bob Dole, Dr. Don Messer,
Senator George McGovern

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 Food Relief - Thanks to Generous Donors Like YOU! 


One of our program partners in Kenya, Social Worker Jennifer Murithi writes,


"I am so grateful on behalf of the caregivers for the relief food you gave them!  Yesterday, we distributed food to sixty families, targeting the remote areas- each benefitting as follows:


4 Kg of beans, 5 kg of rice, 4 packets of maize flower, 1 liter of cooking oil.  This package will carry each family for two to three weeks (depending on the size of the family)."

Thank you for making this food relief delivery and distribution possible. To support this ongoing need, click the action button. 

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You can now order Center gifts for yourself and for loved ones.  Skip the lines, the hassles, the wait at the Post Office, Fed Ex, or UPS!


You will receive a card to print out and give with each purchase.  Your Gift represents support for persons in urgent need around the world.  Thank you! 

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The mission of the Center for Health and Hope is to support and advocate for persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS around the world with programs of education, prevention, care and treatment.  As a faith-based organization operating for more than ten years, the Center was incorporated formally January 21, 2006 as a tax exempt 501(c)3.