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Celebrating 15th Annual Swinging@AIDS in Denver

In-person golfing returns after last year's "virtual" event! 

Friends will gather and golf at the beautiful newly renovated Denver City Park course Tuesday, August 3rd. 






















Generous Donors and Sponsors Contribute to Center's Global Mission 




View a list of this year's generous hole and cart sponsors HERE.  Funds raised through the tournament will go toward people facing twin pandemics: COVID-19 and HIV in Rwanda, Kenya, India and the USA.  A special thank you to Claudia Svarstad, Chin Tan, Don Messer, Amy Hawthorne, and to countless volunteers who recruited golfers, helped with the Silent Auction, and facilitated the Summer Mailing.  We couldn't do it without you!  

      Armstrong Family Foundation                           $7,000

      Laura May Bacon                                             $5,000

           Bacon Family Foundation                                            $5,000

       Claudia Svarstad and Beckie Harkey        $3,000              Bonnie and Don Messer                                $3,000

       Anonymous                                                                                         $3,000

           Ben and Jean Galloway                                     $2,000

          William "Brad" Bradford and Chin Tan   $1,000   

           Rick Nagel, Acorn Growth                            $1,000

       Second Chance Center                                                        $1,000               Anne Sitz                                                                                                $500


**We also wish to thank PGA Tour SuperStores and Adina Wiseman with Edward Jones for donating golf items and gifts in kind.**  


This fundraising event is dedicated in honor of Herb Bacon (see image), Grand Junction humanitarian and philanthropist.  Read about Herb Bacon's amazing legacy on our Denver Swinging@AIDS events page.  Read about our previous honorees HERE.  

A Little Bit of Money Does a World of Good.  

Imagine paying just $8 per person for health insurance! 

Then imagine being so poor you can't even afford $8!


That is the dilemma of United Methodist pastors in Rwanda.  But thanks to donations to the Center for Health and Hope, 66 households of 394 people got insurance coverage for the year.  


Ironically the Rwanda pastor who advocated for all the other preachers was probably the first to benefit.  Rev. Marc Baliyanga (pictured in this article) reports that when he fell sick of COVID-19 on July 5, 2021, he went for medical treatment at Kacyiru Hospital. 

"I was charged a lot of money," says Rev. Marc, "but due to paying mutual health insurance on time, I paid only 10% of the total amount of money charged by the hospital." 


He and the other ministers have expressed their gratitude to the Center's donors.


What the Center hopes is that people will now provide a $100 for a pig for preachers in Rwanda.  "If they get a pig," says Dr. Don Messer, "they can earn enough money to pay for their own insurance in future years, plus have income to help pay school fees for their children."  

Podcast about the Center for Health and Hope

The Senator George McGovern Center recently hosted a 30 minute podcast with our Center Director, Don Messer. You might like to listen for a few minutes at least! 


Dr. Messer chose to focus on what the Center was doing and how this related to the famous Senator's commitment to global health and development around the world. Hear a wide ranging interview that touches on Rwanda, India, Kenya, and challenges facing Trans persons.


Some of you are too young to remember Senator McGovern or his passionate efforts to stop the devastating Vietnam War as well as his lifetime commitment to ending world hunger. He never blinked in the face of controversy and he never quit, even when facing defeat.


The Center Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis In India

Four children in our close-knit AIDS orphanage in Calcutta are suffering from COVID. In Namakkal workers rush food to starving people before a two week lockdown. Donors to the Center for Health and Hope have provided $13,175 during the past week to help mitigate the catastrophic COVID crisis of India. More we hope will be shared as need remains monumental.

Adding to the ever-growing need during the COVID-19 crisis in India is the difficulty we find in distributing help, highlighted by the article here. 



Thank you for your donations and support during this difficult time.

Channai Relief Food  (2).jpg

Image of past food relief efforts in India through the Center's COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Chin Bonnie Don 2021 Hero (2) (1).JPEG

2021 Center Hero of the Year, Chin Keong Tan

Thanks to a surprise $6,000 challenge grant plus other gifts, more than $30,500 was raised to help AIDS orphans in Kenya at the virtual Spring is a Time for HOPE brunch April 24. 


This means 152 vulnerable children will be supported at $200 each during 2021!

This hybrid virtual event can be viewed below! Our time for celebration and joy included presenting an award to our Center Hero of the Year, Chin Keong Tan, musical performances by Kelly Triplett, and Center Executive Director Don Messer acting as event MC. 


After a brief greeting by the new Bishop of Kenya, Nicholas Mutwiri Nteere, three AIDS orphans shared their success stories of how they are now pursuing University studies thanks to the Center donors. Pastor Nathan Adams of Park Hill United Methodist Church, provided an inspirational keynote address. The event was dedicated in memory of Ann Fort, known as “Mama Kenya.”




Friends watching the event and meeting together in a "Brunch Bubble" 

80th Birthday Gifts: $7,000 for Calcutta AIDS Orphan Scholarships

Can life be much tougher than being a young orphan teenager with AIDS in the grim, dirty city of Calcutta, India?


More than 80,000 children go “missing” in India every year!  In Calcutta, 100,000 live on the streets. If you ever saw the movie, “Lion,” how can you forget the peril kids face in train stations and the danger they daily face in their struggle for survival? A few fortunate children are cared for at the Snehakunja Children’s Home, sponsored by the Church of North India.

Having visited the orphanage several times, Center Executive Director & Founder Don Messer asked his 80th birthday gifts be directed to help talented youth go to college. Family & friends celebrated by giving nearly $7,000, which should provide at least two, maybe three full college scholarships. “Sixty years ago I studied in India. Now this is a dream come true—for them & for me! Thanks!” exclaims Messer.

Herb Bacon.png

Herb Bacon

Bob Dole.jpg

Senator Bob Dole

Senator Tom Daschle and

Dr. Bonnie Messer

Senator George McGovern

News of Sadness and Celebration from International Advisory Board Members

Since the Center’s inception, an International Advisory Board has lent their counsel and good name to our global mission of health and hope.  Recent news from members brings both news of sadness and celebration.  


Grand Junction, Colorado, banker and philanthropist, Herb Bacon, 90, died after a lifetime of humanitarian and educational service. 




mary elizabeth moore.png

Mary Elizabeth Moore

Dr. Pauline Muchina

Former Presidential Nominee, Majority Leader, and Senator from Kansas, Bob Dole, announced he is struggling with stage 4 lung cancer.  Dole has co-chaired the Advisory Board with former Senator & Majority Leader Tom Daschle, since the death of former Presidential Nominee, Senator George McGovern in 2012. 


Dean Mary Elizabeth Moore of Boston University School of Theology retired amid festivities from her post after ten illustrative years of service at the helm of a major seminary.   Dr. Pauline Muchina of Kenya & the American Friends Service Committee posted a webinar on how Africans view American elections.  Read about our International Advisory Board

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