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A Beautiful World AIDS Day Observance

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The Candlelight Walk and Service was hosted by Park Hill United Methodist Church, an inclusive, welcoming congregation led by Rev. Dr. Valerie L. Jackson.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock recalled the death of his brother from AIDS and called on participants December 1 at the Center's World AIDS Day observance to "remember those whom we have lost and continue to fight for a cure." Following a Candlelight Walk in the neighborhood, persons gathered at Park Hill UMC for an Interfaith Service of Healing and Hope. Keynote speaker was Rev. Benjamin Reynolds, Chicago. Nearly 40 million people are infected worldwide, with millions of new infections every year. Neither vaccine nor cure exists after 40 years.


Thanks to Those Who Gave!


Last Tuesday was Colorado Gives Day, and we raised $5,556 to support persons in need of supportive care and food relief; provide education, housing, medication and basic needs for AIDS Orphans in Africa and India! 

So many thanks to those joining the Center to end the destruction caused by HIV and AIDS.

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Building 15 Houses in Kenya During 2022

Parents are dying from AIDS in Africa; impoverished HIV orphans and their grandparents need houses in Kenya.  $3,000 builds a home, provides them health insurance & school fees for a year.  

Book Club Sponsors Another Orphan for
Post-Secondary Studies

​After reading a book about “how one letter changed two lives,” the Park Hill UMC Book Club decided to sponsor Joy, a young vulnerable woman in Kenya, for a one-year food and cooking school.

Together they are raising the $1,700 required to change her life and help her provide for her extended family. Maybe you or some group you enjoy will want to do the same? For information on individual student needs and costs of sponsorship, please contact Don Messer globalaids@gmail.com

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Are You Required to Take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)?

Check out attached document about how you can make a difference by contributing via a “Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) in 2022. If you like saving money, especially money you might have to pay to the government, then explore humanitarian options the Center provides in Africa and Asia.

Seventeen Kenyan Students Receive Computers

Gifts received at the fall breakfast, from friends of Ann Fort, and other Center donors made the purchase and distribution of seventeen computers for AIDS orphans doing post-secondary studies in Kenya possible. Previously they had to do college research papers on their cell phones.

IMG-20221019-WA0027 _1_.jpg

Excerpts from thank you notes sent by grateful students:

*Christine: No words can describe how grateful I am to you ever since you stepped into my life. It has never been the same again... I appreciate your gift of a laptop and what it will enable me to do: business plans, projects, design drawings, and keeping up with my studies. Praying to God to bless you.

*Racheal: I’m looking forward to graduating next year. It’s been pretty rough studying software development without a laptop, but somehow I got it done. So you can imagine how happy I felt when I got a text asking me to come and pick up my laptop. I was beyond shocked. I am appreciative and thank God for you.

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Fall Breakfast Super Successful! 

What an amazing event! A $10,000 matching challenge grant was oversubscribed with $11,510 received and more pledged! Total income received and pledged to date is $21,510! These funds will provide for computers for 17 AIDS orphans now engaged in post-secondary studies, plus help provide critical school fees and assistance to other vulnerable children. Thank you!


Image of Shero of the Year, Ms. Rachelle Schaap and Center Executive Director, Don Messer

We've always been global!

The Center for Health and Hope is a Global Ministries Advance Partner.

By giving through the Advance, 100% of your donation reaches your chosen mission project or ministry.

For details, click the link below.

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 Food Relief - Thanks to Generous Donors Like YOU! 


One of our program partners in Kenya, Social Worker Jennifer Murithi writes,


"I am so grateful on behalf of the caregivers for the relief food you gave them!  Yesterday, we distributed food to sixty families, targeting the remote areas- each benefitting as follows:


4 Kg of beans, 5 kg of rice, 4 packets of maize flower, 1 liter of cooking oil.  This package will carry each family for two to three weeks (depending on the size of the family)."

Thank you for making this food relief delivery and distribution possible. To support this ongoing need, click the action button. 

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The Center for Health and Hope is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. Your gifts directly benefit those affected and infected by HIV and AIDS.


The mission of the Center for Health and Hope is to support and advocate for persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS around the world with programs of education, prevention, care and treatment.  As a faith-based organization operating for more than ten years, the Center was incorporated formally January 21, 2006 as a tax exempt 501(c)3.