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April 25th "Spring is a Time for Hope" Brunch Postponed

Due to the coronavirus restrictions on size of gatherings, and the closing of the University of Denver, it is impossible for the Center for Health and Hope to host the April 25 annual “Spring is a Time for HOPE” Brunch. 

Like everyone else, we are in a state of readjusting our scheduling and planning.  Currently, we plan to reschedule the Brunch in combination with our annual breakfast held in October, 2020.  We would award the 2020 Shero of the Year award to Dr. Marjorie Bayes at that time!  The date and place of that event is yet to be scheduled.

The purpose of the “Spring is a Time for HOPE” brunch has always been to “Help Orphans by Providing Essentials.”  This year we had already agreed to help 361 AIDS orphans in Kenya at $200 each for a total of $72,200.  The brunch usually raises about $25,000 of that total, so cancelling has consequences. 

Globally the need continues; we deeply appreciate your support.

Fortunately, the donors who always pay for the foods have designated their $5,000 be used instead for the children.   They have suggested we rename our spring efforts:  “Quarantined for Health and HOPE” and allow people to continue to support the 361 AIDS orphans in Kenya who struggle at this time.

At the Center for Health and Hope, we are improvising to meet the changing conditions thrust upon us by the coronavirus pandemic.  Thank you for your understanding and support as we seek to be faithful to those most marginalized during this uncertain time.

If you have suggestions or concerns, never hesitate to contact me.  Don Messer   

303 877 1955   globalaids@gmail.com

Volunteers Serving HIV Community Locally and Globally to Receive Award

Claudia Svarstad and Beckie Harkey of Tucson, Arizona and Denver, Colorado, have been selected to receive the Center for Health and Hope’s 2020 Leadership Award for their extraordinary volunteer service in Tucson, Denver, and around the globe. 


Scott Blades, Executive Director of the Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network (TIHAN), commented, “Beckie and Claudia have a long history of advocacy and support for people with HIV, and we are so fortunate that they’ve continued those efforts here locally since they moved to Tucson.  They have such a heart for giving, and we’re so happy to help celebrate their impact.”

Center Sponsors Three India Seminars: 

Facing LGBTQ & AIDS Discrimination

How can I become a professional social worker when I believe the Bible condemns LGBTQ persons?" was the question posed to Center Executive Director Dr. Don Messer at one of three seminars sponsored in India.  Attendees were eager to expand their knowledge both of HIV and what it means to be gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgendered. 


Participants were persons of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, & Christian backgrounds, seeking insight and information at conferences in Calcutta, Chennai, and Trichy.   "People struggle with dysfunctional faiths that betray their own rationality or noble impulses toward acceptance," says Messer.  "These seminars are  one key  way the Center seeks to encourage inclusiveness and stamp out stigma."    

See Messer's detailed India Report here.

Read About Our Commitment to
LGBTQ Persons Here

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