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A Lasting Legacy: The Ann Fort Kenya Fund

A humanitarian icon in Colorado and Kenya, Ann Fort, 96, passed
away December 24, 2020.  Visionary and vigorous until her death, she embraced a deep love for her family and friends, challenging
everyone to a global generosity and commitment to break the
bonds of poverty and chains of stigmatization.  As a 74 year old widow, Ann Fort embarked on her first trip to Kenya.  Returning 19 times, this incredible woman has built a magnificent living legacy of schools, water projects, churches, orphan care, and medical assistance.  

Learning of the Ann Fort Kenya Fund, she wrote "my mind danced through the night!  Maybe a street youth could learn a trade; someone will go to college; perhaps someone will get needed glasses, or maybe even a goat (pregnant, of course!) could be given to a family to start a little business!  So many 'maybes' - so many 'dreams.'  And all because you care.  Bless you!"


Read more about Ann Fort and the Ann Fort Kenya Fund HERE

Help Save A Young Woman’s Dignity & Health For A Year In Kenya- Give $20 in 2020

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Click on Give $20 in 2020 to Donate

Over $5,000 was raised in a campaign called “Give $20 in 2020” to purchase sanitary napkins and panties for 300 young girls and women. Bishop Catherine Mutua requested aid for these impoverished young women.


Exploited and endangered during this COVID-19 pandemic, the consequences can be grim  -increasing pregnancy and HIV infections -   as girls seek money whatever way they can to meet their basic human right for sanitary materials. $20 funds napkins for a year; $25 adds a gift of two panties

contribute here.

Read more about this important program HERE.

So Thankful- Recipients of Sanitary Supplies, 2019

Charity Navigator's 100% Rating of the Center 

Did you know that Non-Profit Groups and Charities receive ratings through a

Non-Profit Group called Charity Navigator? 


Charity Navigator ratings "provide clear, objective, and reliable assessments of both the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of charities. By utilizing our ratings, donors can learn how a charity compares on these performance metrics with other charities throughout the country. Donors can be more confident that in supporting those charities rated highly by Charity Navigator, they will be supporting organizations that are more financially healthy, accountable, and transparent."

How the Center is Responding to COVID-19

Dr Messer shares the impact of COVID-19 on increasing worldwide hunger in this recent podcast.  

Recently published in the YourHub section of the Denver Post: "COVID-19 Increases Global Hunger, Local

Non-Profit Responds," written by Dr Don Messer.

Give When Our Worldwide Neighbors Need Us The Most

COVID-19 Action Relief Emergency (CARE) Fund

There is a new urgency to the old challenge of Jesus, who challenged persons to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and care for the sick. People everywhere are desperate for food, clean water, and medical supplies during this COVID-19 Emergency. 

The good news is, we can help!  Your gift is making a difference.  Funds have been distributed in five countries to ten projects through the CARE (COVID Action Relief Emergency) Fund of the Center for Health and Hope.  


We have raised almost $50,000 to date.  We will need to continue to raise funds to help in future months. Click here  to see a full report of ways your money is making a difference today.

Please join us in supporting some of the world's most vulnerable populations at this time. You may send in a check (and avoid credit card fees) to Center for Health and Hope, 7185 S Niagara Cir., Centennial, CO 80112, or 

C.A.R.E. Fund Food, Soap, and Protective Masks Being Distributed in Chennai, India to Children and Their Families Learning English in a Partnering School. 

Read About Our Commitment to
LGBTQ Persons Here

Contribute to Helping End HIV

Please consider the Center for Health and Hope in your charitable giving.

The Center for Health and Hope is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. Your gifts directly benefit those affected and infected by HIV and AIDS.

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You can now order Center gifts for yourself and for loved ones.  Each purchase represents support for persons in urgent need.  

The mission of the Center for Health and Hope is to support and advocate for persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS around the world with programs of education, prevention, care and treatment.  As a faith-based organization operating for more than ten years, the
Center was incorporated formally January 21, 2006 as a tax except 501(c)3.

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