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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day happens every year on December 1. We are looking forward to World AIDS Day in 2024!

A Beautiful World AIDS Day 2023 Observance

candlelight march valerie_crop700.JPG

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock recalled the death of his brother from AIDS and called on participants December 1 at the Center's World AIDS Day observance to "remember those whom we have lost and continue to fight for a cure." Following a Candlelight Walk in the neighborhood, persons gathered at Park Hill UMC for an Interfaith Service of Healing and Hope. Keynote speaker was Rev. Benjamin Reynolds, Chicago. Nearly 40 million people are infected worldwide, with millions of new infections every year. Neither vaccine nor cure exists after 40 years.


The Candlelight Walk and Service was hosted by Park Hill United Methodist Church, an inclusive, welcoming congregation led by Rev. Dr. Valerie L. Jackson.

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