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2019 Ann Fort Don Messer Blessing House.

Ann Fort and the Executive Director of the Center for Health and Hope Don Messer dedicated a house built in Kenya by the Ann Fort Kenya Fund.

Lasting Legacy: Ann Fort Kenya Fund

A humanitarian icon in Colorado and Kenya, Ann Fort, 96, passed
away December 24, 2020. Visionary and vigorous until her death, she embraced a deep love for her family and friends, challenging everyone to a global generosity and commitment to break the
bonds of poverty and chains of stigmatization.  As a 74 year old widow, Ann Fort embarked on her first trip to Kenya.  Returning 19 times, this incredible woman has built a magnificent living legacy of schools, water projects, churches, orphan care, and medical assistance.  

Learning of the Ann Fort Kenya Fund, she wrote "my mind danced through the night!  Maybe a street youth could learn a trade; someone will go to college; perhaps someone will get needed glasses, or maybe even a goat (pregnant, of course!) could be given to a family to start a little business!  So many 'maybes' - so many 'dreams.'  And all because you care.  Bless you!"

Help us continue Ann Fort's amazing legacy by donating to this fund. 




Be sure to write Ann Fort Legacy Fund in the description so we know where to attribute your generosity.  Thank you. 

Ann Fort Fund Maureen and Collins 2020.j
Ann Fort and Bishop Catherine checking s

Ann confers with the first woman elected a bishop of any church in Kenya.  Bishop Catherine Mutua supervises in her country the implementation of the

Ann Fort Kenya Fund.

2019 Ann Fort Kenya baby.jpg

People in Kenya called Ann "MaMa Kenya," because of the depth of her love and care for people of all ages.

Fort Scholars 2020.JPG

The Fund supports AIDS orphans in elementary & secondary school. Above are those AIDS orphans that are now Ann Fort Scholars excelling as

post-secondary students.

How the Ann Fort Kenya Fund Has Made a Difference in Recent Years

  • 15 Ann Fort Scholars-- Students have been able to secure educational opportunities leading to a hopeful future.


Read more about the Center's Scholarship Programs.

  • 3 Medical Camps--Thousands have been treated in rural places that have no access to doctors or services.


  • 10 Gift of HOPE (Helping Orphans by Providing Essentials) Children Are Sponsored Every Year.

  • Ann Fort Goats Project--This project provides 80 goats for 80 families, providing nutrition and income to families in need.

  • 5 permanent homes built for families living with HIV and AIDS, along with 2 additional homes for street children.                             

  • Providing educational toys for primary school.                                      

  • Funding for the Center's COVID-19 Action Relief Emergency fund to provide food, medicine, and protective equipment. 

The Center for Health and Hope partners with the Ann Fort Kenya Fund to assist those in need.  Right now, amidst COVID-19, the need is greater than ever for food, medicine, protective gear for medical and school personnel, and even the most basic of disease and illness prevention tools- soap and water!  

Don Ann Fort.jpg
Ann Fort Book.jpg

The Ann Fort- Threads of a Splendid Life inspiring biography is available for purchase through the book image on screen.  

Seventeen Kenyan Students Receive Computers

Gifts received at the fall breakfast, from friends of Ann Fort, and other Center donors made the purchase and distribution of seventeen computers for AIDS orphans doing post-secondary studies in Kenya possible. Previously they had to do college research papers on their cell phones.

IMG-20221019-WA0027 _1_.jpg

Excerpts from thank you notes sent by grateful students:

*Christine: No words can describe how grateful I am to you ever since you stepped into my life. It has never been the same again... I appreciate your gift of a laptop and what it will enable me to do: business plans, projects, design drawings, and keeping up with my studies. Praying to God to bless you.

*Racheal: I’m looking forward to graduating next year. It’s been pretty rough studying software development without a laptop, but somehow I got it done. So you can imagine how happy I felt when I got a text asking me to come and pick up my laptop. I was beyond shocked. I am appreciative and thank God for you.

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