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Tambaram Community Development Society

The Tambaram Community Development Society is a long-standing, legal charitable organization in the Chennai area of southern India. Tambaram Community Development Society (TCDS) provides social service outreach in southern India. Long-term success includes empowering persons from the "dalit" or "untouchable" community to get an education and to have the economic means for a self-sustaining life.  The TCDS has its own Board of Directors and provides social services to the poorest of the poor. It is a partner agency with the Center for Health and Hope.

Led by Mr Ambrose Dhanaraj, the program it sponsors with the Center includes a variety of outreach efforts. These include:

  • A tutoring program for young girls who otherwise might fail their exams in the 10th and 12th level and never receive any future education.

  • A nutritional supplement program that provides needed food to persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. 

  • Several small economic employment programs that reach out to help individuals get small businesses started. 

Imagine Tutoring & Scholarship Program


Capitalizing on the power of education to lift young women out of the spiral of poverty since 2007.  Dedicated to improving future opportunities through exam preparation tutoring and college scholarships for young women from the poorest and most marginalized villages on the outskirts of Chennai in SE India.



  • 1,144 total girls tutored; passing-98% 10th std and 93% 12th std



  • 24 graduates with Bachelors degrees in Chemistry, Commerce, and Computer Science

  • 7 current undergrads

  • Some of our graduates have gone on to receive Master's degrees. One is starting a PhD program.

Prior to the presence of the Imagine Tutoring and Scholarship Program in these villages, only 2-3% of young girls continued their education after the 10th standard. Girls, families, and entire villages are now promoting the value of education for girls after experiencing the possibilities!


  • Tax deductible donations of $60 for 3 months tutoring, $700/year for scholarships.

  • To pay by check, make it out to Center for Health and Hope (or CHH), put Imagine Tutoring and/or Imagine Scholarship in the subject line.

  • All amounts raised go directly to the programs in India.

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Care & Support



For the past 11 years, a cooperative venture between the Tambaram Community Development Society in Vandalur, India and the Center for Health and Hope in Centennial, Colorado has provided health and hope to 28 women from one of the poorest, most marginalized, and most stigmatized groups in Indian society - HIV+ women.


Through a comprehensive program including monthly nutritional supplements, life skills training, counseling, and income generating projects, each of these women is still alive in spite of the odds stacked against them. Some are even thriving. All are grateful for the compassion shown by strangers half a world away.
Funding is needed both for the Care & Support program and the Income Generating Projects. Cost of the Care and Support program is $40/month/woman. Income generating projects are approved based on funding availability.


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