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Street Children

Feeding the World's Most Vulnerable

 Food Relief - Thanks to Generous Donors Like YOU! 


One of our program partners in Kenya, Social Worker Jennifer Murithi writes,


"I am so grateful on behalf of the caregivers for the relief food you gave them!  Yesterday, we distributed food to sixty families, targeting the remote areas- each benefitting as follows:


4 Kg of beans, 5 kg of rice, 4 packets of maize flower, 1 liter of cooking oil.  This package will carry each family for two to three weeks (depending on the size of the family)."

Thank you for making this food relief delivery and distribution possible. To support this ongoing need, click the action button. 

From Dr. Donald E. Messer:


Ever been hungry?  I mean really hungry, wondering where the next meal is coming from?


I'm just back from Kenya where I saw the Center feeding street children living in garbage heaps, uncertain when or whether they will ever eat again.  Earlier this year, I met with hungry women and undernourished children living with HIV and AIDS in India, who devoured rice and curry like they might never see any food again.  They were so grateful for the monthly nutritional supplements we gave them to take with their medicine--without food powerful medicine is like poison.  N. M. Samuel, M.D. wrote me this week that food prices in India have skyrocketed and the cupboard is bare.  


I need to find continuing funds to help feed the hungry.  One way to help us feed these starving children and hungry women is to donate $30 and we will add your name to our sign listing "Those Who Feed The Hungry."


One church just committed $500 from their program of selling grocery cards every week. That will feed street children in Kenya 10 times including some bread and milk for them to take home.  Can you or your church assist too?


Please Click Here to Donate



"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven."  

- Henry Ward Beecher

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