Podcast about the Center for Health and Hope

The Senator George McGovern Center recently hosted a 30 minute podcast with our Center Director, Don Messer. You might like to listen for a few minutes at least! 


Dr. Messer chose to focus on what the Center was doing and how this related to the famous Senator's commitment to global health and development around the world. Hear a wide ranging interview that touches on Rwanda, India, Kenya, and challenges facing Trans persons.


Some of you are too young to remember Senator McGovern or his passionate efforts to stop the devastating Vietnam War as well as his lifetime commitment to ending world hunger. He never blinked in the face of controversy and he never quit, even when facing defeat.

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Published in the YourHub section of the Denver Post: "COVID-19 Increases Global Hunger, Local

Non-Profit Responds," written by Dr Don Messer.

In honor of Father's Day, Dr Messer speaks to the Northglenn UMC Congregation about the 361 AIDS orphans the Center sponsors in Kenya, and in particular, those that their wonderful church helps.  

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Dr Messer shares the impact of COVID-19 on increasing worldwide hunger in this podcast.  

Dr Don Messer, Executive Director of the Center for Health and Hope, Reflects on Race in America and His Experience Marching with Martin Luther King Jr.  

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Senator Bob Dole, Dr. Don Messer, and Senator
George McGovern

Today I note the death of Senator Bob Dole, who graciously lent his good name and reputation  as Co-Chair with former Senator Tom Daschle of the Center's International Advisory Committee.  When his friend, Senator George McGovern (who had been chair) died, he agreed to serve.   He also donated generously to be a  Charter Member of Center's Endowment Fund.


I had the privilege of writing the book, Ending Hunger Now; A Challenge to Persons of Faith (2015) with Senator Bob Dole & Senator George McGovern.  Working with McGovern & Dole was a unique opportunity for which I will always be grateful.   The three of us also had an opportunity to speak at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in 2015.  Watch the C-Span recording:

A World War II hero, Senate Majority Leader, and Republican nominee for President, he served the country with distinction.  I especially admired his courage, his advocacy for persons with disabilities, and his concern for the hungry in the United States and the world.  Politically, he and McGovern disagreed sharply, but personally shared a bi-partisan spirit that unfortunately is rare in America today.  

Dr. Don Messer

Executive Director for the Center for Health and Hope

December 5, 2021

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Center Sponsors Three India Seminars: Facing LGBTQ & AIDS Discrimination

How can I become a professional social worker when I believe the Bible condemns LGBTQ persons?" was the question posed to Center Executive Director Dr. Don Messer at one of three seminars sponsored in India.  Attendees were eager to expand their knowledge both of HIV and what it means to be gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgendered. 


Participants were persons of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, & Christian backgrounds, seeking insight and information at conferences in Calcutta, Chennai, and Trichy.   "People struggle with dysfunctional faiths that betray their own rationality or noble impulses toward acceptance," says Messer.  "These seminars are  one key  way the Center seeks to encourage inclusiveness and stamp out stigma."    

See Messer's detailed India Report here.