Helping End AIDS in our Lifetime

Join us for our annual Gathering to H.E.A.L. Breakfast,

Saturday, October 30th at 9 a.m. at Hope UMC 

Ryan Silva.png

This annual event is held to raise money towards Helping End AIDS in our Lifetime. 

Our theme will be "The Challenge of Educating Youth & Children in Kenya & Colorado During COVID 19 Pandemic."  Our keynote speaker is Ryan Silva, Cherry Creek School District Principal Named 2021 High School Principal of the Year.  More details coming soon!

Our event helps raise funds to support 361  HIV orphans in Kenya.  The children live with elderly grandparents, distant relatives or guardians--impoverished but caring persons. 


The funds we raise provide help with their school fees, supplement food, and provide other urgent needs like clothing and even help with improved shelter.  During this COVID-19 crisis, children have missed school for sustained periods of time.   Virtual learning was an impossibility.  Now the Kenya government is adding a fourth term for two years in an attempt to help the youth "catch up."   


This means more school fees, and the Center is attempting to support the children at a level of $250 rather than $200 a year--a total of about $90,000. Please help us ensure safety, education, and care for all 361 orphans again this year. 

The image below is a link to tickets for this event.