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Goat for a Woman Living with HIV/AIDS

Goat for a Woman Living with HIV/AIDS


This digital goat represents a real goat that will be given to a woman with HIV or AIDS in Rwanda. Goats provide a sustainable food source and a source of income.

  • File Type

    After purchase, a dual copy, two sided card that you can give as a gift will be available in PDF format to allow for easy cutting & printing.

  • Rwanda Project

    Rwanda--best known for its horrible genocide over twenty years ago--is making great strides forward as a nation with a new emphasis on human rights, the environment, and dealing with HIV and AIDS.  The Center for Health and Hope has sponsored several AIDS conferences, helped the United Methodist Church extend its ministry, and assisted persons living with HIV.  Rwandans have expressed an interest in creating their own West Africa Inclusive Center for Health and Hope.

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