$250 gift ensures school fee payment, uniform purchase, nutritional assistance and/or other needed support. Not an orphanage, this program based in the Kaaga Synod of the Methodist Church of Kenya ensures each child gets individualized care and support. Reaching out to all children in the community who are vulnerable, regardless of religion or tribe, an effort is made to connect children with relatives such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other guardians. Every $200 supports one of 361 vulnerable children being helped.

Sponsor an AIDS Orphan for 1 Year

  • After purchase, a dual copy, two sided card that you can give as a gift will be available in PDF format to allow for easy cutting & printing.

  • Helping Orphans by Providing Essentials

    This program knows 1,300 AIDS orphans by name, and many organizations support them annually. The Center for Health and Hope has been able to help 361 children, thanks to its generous donors. Every $200 helps one of these children for an entire year. Several children have now finished their basic education and have received training beyond the secondary level.