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The Center for Health and Hope has transformed the lives of many orphans and people living with HIV and AIDS in Kenya.  May the Lord bless you, as you seek to do more in Africa and all the corners of this world, where the voices of the poor and the vulnerable are crying so loudly.  In Kenya you have made many to smile.

Bishop Catherine Mutua, Kenya

The Center for Health and Hope ensures that the affected and infected caregivers, orphans and vulnerable children have a tomorrow globally. Through their unrelenting support and education, we at the Riruta United Women Empowerment Programme know HIV is a condition, that if well managed, does not kill; stigma does.  The school, Children of Africa Hope Mission, proudly states you have given health, education and hope to the children, staff and management.  May the works of your hands be blessed for they are a blessing to many underprivileged families in Africa and beyond. Long live the Center for Health and Hope.

Anne Baraza, School Director, Riruta Kenya

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